The biggest attraction of our complex is the proximity of the Baltic Sea. We are located 4 km from the sea and the beautiful wild beach that is surrounded by the seaside forest. Other coastal towns are in the following distance: Pogorzelica-8km, Mrzeżyno- 12 km, Niechorze -13 km, Rewal- 16 km, Trzęsacz -18 km, Kołobrzeg- 20 km.

At a distance of 8 km there are two ponds with carps, grass carps, crucian carps and lines waiting for fishing enthusiasts (Fishing rod rentals).

For the holders of fishing licence there are sea trouts and salmons in the costal river Redze. The river is wide with smooth edges and fishing here with the promise of catching a huge fish can be a great fun (as an example: the angler from Trzebiatów caught a 50 cm salmon kelt)/

Near our place there is Rega river, which is the third largest river after the Vistula River and Odra River, which flow directly into the Baltic Sea, it has 168 km. Rega River is a brilliant choice for those who want to spend time actively and take advantage of canoeing, which is located at a distance of 2 km from our agrotouristic farm and is one of the most beautiful canoeing routes in Poland.

For those who want more stronger sensations we recommend paintball, this is an unconventional way of spending free time and discharging negative emotions and fascinating opportunity to experience new adventure.

For horse lovers there is a possibility of horse riding in our village or stud which is 6 km far from our place.

The advantage of the agricultural tourism of „Babie Lato” is its atmosphere. It’s an ideal place for anyone who wants some piece and quiet, located among green fields and meadows. Each morning, birds remind us of the existence of happiness with their singing, whereas when the evening comes, it is possible to hear a beautiful concert of croaking frogs or chirping crickets…” Days come and go in this village region, in the nature’s rhythm intertwined with the meaning of life, thus let us rejoice, when we are in this village that our, the village of beauty, charm and love”…